Adam Ray

While Adam was raised in a small suburb of Philadelphia, he eventually moved to the city of brotherly love to study business at Temple University. It was curiosity that led him into taking electives in acting where he grew to find a stronger sense of purpose. With a new mindset to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment, he made the move three months after receiving his diploma. Once in Hollywood, Adam landed a role playing a medical resident on HBO's Getting On. He also inhabited the character Jim, a man making a well meaning but misguided approach to his recent engagement in the sci-fi short film Happy Pills. On stage he was Doug, a grad student at Columbia in the midst of the beatnik generation from the play Call Me By My Rightful Name. Adam studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Institute where he was given invaluable career guidance by David Lee Strasberg. He has also spent time studying at Lesly Kahn & Company and continues to grow as a creative artist.